Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project: Antz- Not A Bug's Life

 Here we are with our first installment of: Dreamworks Animation Project!

 This week we're doing 1998's Antz. 

No wait. That's not right. Oh, okay. Here it is...

Alright, all joking aside, I want to make it very clear that I am reviewing Antz, not A Bug's Life. People sometimes get them confused. And understandably so; they were released the same year and they both star ants. There are many stories explaining why this is. Whether Katzenburg stole it from Pixar or not, they are very very different movies. I'll just say, there is a reason everyone loves A Bug's Life and no one has never seen nor heard of Antz.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maleficent Review: No! No! NO!

         WARNING! May contain spoilers for certain people. Enter at your own risk...

      Two kingdoms. Fairies. Humans. They very much hate each other, because of a certain fairy. A very powerful fairy, named Maleficent. Though she is a child, she is still the most powerful fairy in the kingdom. One day, Maleficent encounters a young human boy, who somehow found his way into the fairy kingdom and has stolen a...rock. After retrieving the rock, Maleficent and the boy, named Stefan, become friends. Stefan comes to the fairy kingdom, to visit, very often and they fall in love. Maleficent is now a woman, and the horrid king of the human kingdom, strikes an attack on the fairy kingdom, in fear of Maleficent's growing power. Maleficent hurts the king and he soon dies, leaving the kingdom with...Stefan, of all people. But! Before the king's death, he demands Maleficent be killed and Stefan is the one to do it. He, because he is so close to Maleficent, cannot kill her. So, he just cuts off her wings (in which she is very fond of). This enrages her! Causing her to curse the princess (his daughter) with a sleep like death on her 16th birthday. Does this movie shed a light on the character of Maleficent? Or does it shame her?