Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Viewing Reviews: What About Bob?

 Welcome to a new series I am introducing: First Viewing Reviews. Basically, I am reviewing movies (that aren't out in theaters) that I am seeing for the first time. The one I'm going to start with is: What About Bob? 

                                       WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                     SKIP  TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

New Yorker, Bob Wiley, has problems.

He's afraid of basically everything, germaphobic, and an all around nutcase. He seems to have driven away his previous therapist, so he goes to Dr. Leo Marvin, a highly decorated psychiatrist and author of his new book "Baby Steps."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

America Movie Review

This a documentary type movie. Something I haven't yet reviewed; but I found this is something that needs to be shared.

     This movie is quite different than anything I have ever reviewed. It's not so much a story as it is a message. It's message is this: America is amazing. No. It's more than "amazing." It deserves more than that. It's...*searches for synonyms of amazing*...fascinating, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable, wonderful, stunning, and much more. This country is quite simply undefinable. There is not another country in the world like us. That's mainly what this movie is trying to get across. People would like to tell you that this country is evil, and has always been evil. That America is some kind of beast, just waiting to pounce on it's unsuspecting prey. That is was founded by criminals. But it wasn't. And this movie takes you to all the realms of society and shows us exactly what really happened. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project: Prince of Egypt

Hello viewers! Welcome back to the second installment of:

The Dreamworks Animation Project!!!

This week, we're doing another 1998 film;  The Prince of Egypt

               We open in Egypt. In this time, all of the Israelites are enslaved by the Pharaoh and his people. The Israelites have grown to a great amount; there is more of them than there are Egyptians. The Pharaoh orders that all the newborn boys are to be killed. Baby Moses's Mother gets away, puts Moses in a basket, and places him in the river.