Monday, April 21, 2014

Heaven is for Real Review

Heaven is for Real Poster
     During the previews of my recent viewing of God's Not Dead, I watched what was the trailer for Heaven is for Real. I was completely unaware that this was coming out (and that's a strange thing, since I know about nearly every movie that comes out).
     Here is the basis of the story:
Colton Burpo, a young boy of four, suffers from a near-death experience. Father Todd, Mother Sonja, and Sister Cassy, start seeing noticeable differences in Colton after his recovery. He begins telling everyone that he has visited Heaven and has met Jesus. Todd and family don't know what to make of this and neither does anyone else. Is Colton making this stuff up? Or did he really visit Heaven?
This story was actually based on a true story and book written by the real Todd Burpo.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogs and Other Things You Should Look At

Hey everyone! This blog is going to be spotlighting some of my personal favorite blogs, podcast, and websites that I find quite entertaining.

This is a fantastic website and podcast. This website keeps you up-to-date with all the newest animation news. The Animation Addicts Podcast talks about all the news of animation, have discussions about animation, and talks mainly about one particular animated movie. They are not only hilarious, but very informative and educational in the world of animation. If you are a fan of animation, there is no doubt you will adore this group of people.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 "What Do I Think?"

     So, Pixar has recently confirmed the arrival of two Pixar sequels, Incredibles 2 and Cars 3.
     Let's start with what I think about Cars 3. Well, I enjoyed the first Cars movie. It wasn't the best of Pixar, but it wasn't at all bad. Cars 2, on the other hand, was quite disappointing. It felt as if some other company had taken over and made this movie. On it's own (and made by another studio) it wouldn't have been as bad. But, it just didn't follow the story of it's previous film. Why is McQueen racing again? Why aren't all the characters involved with the story? Why is Mater the main character?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Top 10 Pixar Shorts personal favorite studio and thing to talk about. It's amazing the things Pixar has been doing the past 20 or so years. Making films that everyone, not just kids, can enjoy. Actually, I think I find more adults that love Pixar than children. Sure, we all love the Pixar movies, but I think all of us get that little tingling feeling on the back of our necks when we see the short film appear on the screen before the movie. Pixar is the best and most beloved short film makers in the business, and for good reason. We all remember these timeless classics, from Luxo Jr. to the La Luna. Today, it is my intent to tell you my top 10 favorite short films by Pixar. This was, truthfully, a very hard list to put together. I've grown up with these stories, and therefore gave grown closer to them through the years. I did have to make a decision though, whether to include the shorts created before Toy Story and the ones made by the animators and producers or not to. I've decided not to. This list would have to be a lot longer if I did. So, this list will only include the ones on the actual movies. Also, the pictures I include are my favorite moments in each short.

Free Birds Review

            When I first heard of  Free Birds (around February 2013) I was reasonably excited for it. I thought a movie about turkeys would be cool. But was it cool or was it a movie that should have stayed in 1621.
          Reggie (Owen Wilson) is a pretty smart turkey. He is the only one in his group of turkeys that know that the farmers are fattening them up for Thanksgiving. One day the President of the United States comes to Reggie's farm to pick a special turkey that will not be eaten. Reggie (of course) is the one picked and is taken to the white house. There he lives a comfortable life of eating pizza and watching soap operas. Suddenly another turkey named Jake (Woody Harrelson) takes Reggie away from his fuzzy bunny slippers and explains to him that "The Great Turkey" told him that he and Reggie were meant to go back in time and take turkeys off the menu, or in other words, go back in time and stop the first Thanksgiving from serving turkey. They take off in the time machine named Steve (George Takei) to the first Thanksgiving.