Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Charlie Brown Christmas Review

This is not my living room. But, one can wish can't they?

Well, it's Christmastime once again. Everyone has been scurrying around trying to find the perfect gift for their loved one.

"You give me a book; I give you a tie. Aunt Martha has always wanted an orange squeezer and Uncle Henry could do with a new pipe."  -The Bishops's Wife (1947)

 By now, everyone one has thrown their decorations against every wall in and outside the house. People are no doubt baking cookies in the shape of gingerbread men and Santa Claus. Speaking of which: children are sitting in the poor old guys' lap, asking for every known toy. On Christmas morning, children will rush to the tree, retrieve their gifts of all sizes and colors, unwrap them with no knowledge of how long it took to wrap, and oo and awe at the many wondrous things that lay before them. Families will travel from California to New York, or maybe two house down, to see their long forgotten relatives who have been through the same things they have this season. Gifts will be exchanged. Hugs of thankfulness will be also, even if they hated the present. They all return home, and go back to their everyday lives. The kids go to school, parents go to work. Then they wait. Wait for it all to happen again; only 364 days away.

Christmas, I regret to say, has become an over-lapsing occurrence. It happens every year, and we do the same things. This is what got Charlie Brown down. You see, all the things I just mentioned, most of which I do myself, are commercial. I'll explain what that is in a moment. But first, let's take a look at this timeless classic of a Christmas Special: A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Personal Top 20 Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes of ALL TIMES! Part II : 10-1

I have no idea who made this, so...Whoever made it, nice work.

 Welcome back my children to the second part of "My Personal Favorite Top 20 Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes of ALL TIMES! PART II! 10-1! YAY!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

My Personal Top 20 Favorite Twilight Zone Episodes of ALL TIMES! Part I: 20-11

Well, I'm back!! SO, SO, SO, sorry for the long wait for the reviews. I'm trying my best to get back on track. Anyway...

                                                          It's HALLOWEEN!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Boxtrolls Review

Before we get to the review, I want to apologize. Life has gotten a bit hectic and I haven't found the time to be on the internet at all, least of all write a review. Until further notice, I can't promise that I will have a review out every week. But, as you all know, it is October 1st, and you know what that means!! HALLOWEEN!!! This month I want to do something super special. So, I am going to try my very very best to get all sorts of great Halloween themed reviews for ya'll; the last being that of a "Top Whatever" list that I am so excited about. The first review I'm doing for this Halloween season is The Boxtrolls.

Which is kinda Halloween themed

Baby boy, Eggs, is taken by the boxtrolls, little blue trolls who wear boxes, that also have their names on them. The night Eggs was taken, boxtroll hunter Archibald Snatcher, makes a deal with Lord Portley-Rind, that if he can capture and kill all the boxtrolls, Portley-Rind will give him a "white hat" and allow him in their club for cheese-tasters. Portley-Rind agrees. Years later Snatcher still hasn't captured all the boxtrolls, but has many of them. Snatcher plans are all coming together to capture the entire clan of boxtrolls. It is up to Eggs, boxtroll Fish, and their new friend Winnie to foil Snatcher's plans. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project- Shrek: Pop Song Montages Everywhere!

Well, after many weeks of waiting (Sorry), may I now present to you the 5th installment of...

The Dreamworks Animation Project!! OH YEAH!!

This week is the ever popular, 2001 film Shrek.

                                        WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                          SKIP TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

What is a better way to start off a movie, but with a disgusting displayed of horrendous grossness. I'm serious, this beginning is just plain gross. And...that's partly okay because the person (or rather thing) that is partaking it this grossness, is an ogre. This ogre's name is Shrek. He lives in a house inside of a swam. There he lives his life out; eating eyeballs and taking showers in the mud.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Giver Review

In a community where everything and everyone is free from an extreme measure of fear and worry, Jonas is picked to be "The Receiver of Memories." He meets the The Giver who is to give the memories of the past to him. Once he receives those memories, he wonders as to why things like sleds and snow and colors are nonexistent in their time. The Giver explains that the elders (the people in charge) took them away in order to be "safe." Jonas decides to do something about this. Will he succeed?

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Filosopher's Favorites: Hook- Good Form!

Welcome to Filosopher's Favorites. Here I review some of my favorite movies of all time. I'm starting this one off with Hook.

As most of you already know, the brilliant actor and comedian Robin Williams past away this week.

This review is in honor of him. It was very hard choosing a movie he stars in to review this week, but I chose Hook, because this is probably my favorite of all his performances.

                                            WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                               SKIP TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project- Chicken Run

Hello viewers!

Welcome back to our 4th installment of...

The Dreamworks Animation Project! YAY!!

This week I'm reviewing the 2000 film Chicken Run.

                                                WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                               SKIP TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

Ginger and her flock of chicken pals: Mac, Bunty, Fowler, and Babs (whose voice you may know from another amazing Aardman film),

Yes, Bryony the gift rapping elf from Arthur Christmas
are stuck in a chicken farm, longing to be free (though their living quarters are actually quite good compared to some).

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project: The Road to El Dorado

Hello viewers!

Welcome back to our 3rd installment of:

Dreamworks Animation Project!

This time around, I'm reviewing the 2000 film; The Road to El Dorado

                                       WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                     SKIP  TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

In Spain, Miguel and Tulio, best friends in crime, are playing a game of dice with their good friend tough bald guy. Bald guy looses all his money, and insist in one last game. He bets his map that supposedly leads to El Dorado; the lost city of gold.

They take it, for they are playing with fixed dice. Bald guy also insist that they play with his dice. They agree, praying for a miracle. They roll a seven and win, to their surprise. Tulio drops their fixed dice, and bald guy figures out they were cheating.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

First Viewing Reviews: What About Bob?

 Welcome to a new series I am introducing: First Viewing Reviews. Basically, I am reviewing movies (that aren't out in theaters) that I am seeing for the first time. The one I'm going to start with is: What About Bob? 

                                       WARNING! SPOILERS AHEAD! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE, 
                                                     SKIP  TO THE END WHERE I GIVE THE SCORE!

New Yorker, Bob Wiley, has problems.

He's afraid of basically everything, germaphobic, and an all around nutcase. He seems to have driven away his previous therapist, so he goes to Dr. Leo Marvin, a highly decorated psychiatrist and author of his new book "Baby Steps."

Saturday, July 12, 2014

America Movie Review

This a documentary type movie. Something I haven't yet reviewed; but I found this is something that needs to be shared.

     This movie is quite different than anything I have ever reviewed. It's not so much a story as it is a message. It's message is this: America is amazing. No. It's more than "amazing." It deserves more than that. It's...*searches for synonyms of amazing*...fascinating, incredible, marvelous, unbelievable, wonderful, stunning, and much more. This country is quite simply undefinable. There is not another country in the world like us. That's mainly what this movie is trying to get across. People would like to tell you that this country is evil, and has always been evil. That America is some kind of beast, just waiting to pounce on it's unsuspecting prey. That is was founded by criminals. But it wasn't. And this movie takes you to all the realms of society and shows us exactly what really happened. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project: Prince of Egypt

Hello viewers! Welcome back to the second installment of:

The Dreamworks Animation Project!!!

This week, we're doing another 1998 film;  The Prince of Egypt

               We open in Egypt. In this time, all of the Israelites are enslaved by the Pharaoh and his people. The Israelites have grown to a great amount; there is more of them than there are Egyptians. The Pharaoh orders that all the newborn boys are to be killed. Baby Moses's Mother gets away, puts Moses in a basket, and places him in the river.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dreamworks Animation Project: Antz- Not A Bug's Life

 Here we are with our first installment of: Dreamworks Animation Project!

 This week we're doing 1998's Antz. 

No wait. That's not right. Oh, okay. Here it is...

Alright, all joking aside, I want to make it very clear that I am reviewing Antz, not A Bug's Life. People sometimes get them confused. And understandably so; they were released the same year and they both star ants. There are many stories explaining why this is. Whether Katzenburg stole it from Pixar or not, they are very very different movies. I'll just say, there is a reason everyone loves A Bug's Life and no one has never seen nor heard of Antz.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maleficent Review: No! No! NO!

         WARNING! May contain spoilers for certain people. Enter at your own risk...

      Two kingdoms. Fairies. Humans. They very much hate each other, because of a certain fairy. A very powerful fairy, named Maleficent. Though she is a child, she is still the most powerful fairy in the kingdom. One day, Maleficent encounters a young human boy, who somehow found his way into the fairy kingdom and has stolen a...rock. After retrieving the rock, Maleficent and the boy, named Stefan, become friends. Stefan comes to the fairy kingdom, to visit, very often and they fall in love. Maleficent is now a woman, and the horrid king of the human kingdom, strikes an attack on the fairy kingdom, in fear of Maleficent's growing power. Maleficent hurts the king and he soon dies, leaving the kingdom with...Stefan, of all people. But! Before the king's death, he demands Maleficent be killed and Stefan is the one to do it. He, because he is so close to Maleficent, cannot kill her. So, he just cuts off her wings (in which she is very fond of). This enrages her! Causing her to curse the princess (his daughter) with a sleep like death on her 16th birthday. Does this movie shed a light on the character of Maleficent? Or does it shame her?

Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Walter Mitty, once friends with adventure, now lives a boring life as a negative asset manager for Life Magazine. To get away from his boring life, he day-dreams or "zones out" as his sister calls it. One day, a very important piece of photography genius, for the cover on the last issue of Life Magazine, goes missing. It's up to Walter to find it, and face a world full of adventure.
      I heard and saw many things about this last year, but didn't think much about. I recently saw it at our local Redbox box and decided that I would watch. I didn't expects much, and just hoped it would entertain me for a couple of hours. Did it do it's job? Or did it leave me day-dreaming?

Friday, May 30, 2014

Update #2

Hey, everyone...
      Sorry for being so bad at blogging. I haven't been very attentive since making this blog. But, I find I do better on a deadline. That being said, I am now going to be posting once a week on Saturdays. This doesn't mean that ever Saturday you will find a new review on this blog, for sometime there may be a reason why I can't post (illness, family, events, etc). If there is a reason why I can't post, I will make it known to all of you in internet land by (how else) blogging about it. But, nevertheless, if I am to post anything, I shall post it on a Saturday.
       I also know I promised you a "project." It is coming. Next Saturday to be precise. This Saturday (tomorrow) I will post a review on a film I recently took part in viewing--I'll keep you suspense til then.
       Thank you all for being very patient with me this last month. I will, for sure, do my best to keep on top of things.
                                                                                                                          Apologetically Yours,
                                                                                                                                         The Filosopher

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moms' Night Out Review

Moms' Night Our Poster
     I am always on a lookout for good, funny, clean movies and I found one in Moms' Night Out. 

     Moms Ally (Sarah Drew), Izzy (Logan White), and Sondra (the amazing and remarkable and fantastic Patricia Heaton) go out on a "Moms' Night" to a fancy restaurant while their husbands take care of the kids. Little do both parties know that they are about to embark on an incredible journey...To find a baby?

     Pros: This movie has a lot of great moments. It is honestly one of the funniest movies I've seen in recent years. It's hilarious without having to be vulgar. And the jokes all hit home runs. I don't think there was one joke in this movie I didn't at least snicker at.


     A new short has been put our by a Korean studio called Alfred Imageworks: JohnnyExpress
One of my favorite scenes from the short

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update 1#

      Sorry for the long delay everyone. Between Easter, school, and everyday live, I haven't found the time to write a review. Thankfully, my life has become a little less hectic and I am able to begin doing reviews again!
      So, I've been thinking about some new ideas for a different type of review. One I came up with was New Vs. Old. In these reviews, I'll be taking an older version and a newer version of the same movie and comparing them; exposing the good and bad of them. Then, of course, have my final verdict of which one I like best.
      Also, I will be starting a project--Project Dreamworks.
Project Dreamworks
     In Project Dreamworks, I will be reviewing all of the Dreamworks films and end it with a review of The Art of Dreamworks Animation book.
     Please, comment below and tell me if you like these ideas. Also, suggestion to me any other ideas that you think I might like.
                                                                                                                             - The Filosopher

Monday, April 21, 2014

Heaven is for Real Review

Heaven is for Real Poster
     During the previews of my recent viewing of God's Not Dead, I watched what was the trailer for Heaven is for Real. I was completely unaware that this was coming out (and that's a strange thing, since I know about nearly every movie that comes out).
     Here is the basis of the story:
Colton Burpo, a young boy of four, suffers from a near-death experience. Father Todd, Mother Sonja, and Sister Cassy, start seeing noticeable differences in Colton after his recovery. He begins telling everyone that he has visited Heaven and has met Jesus. Todd and family don't know what to make of this and neither does anyone else. Is Colton making this stuff up? Or did he really visit Heaven?
This story was actually based on a true story and book written by the real Todd Burpo.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blogs and Other Things You Should Look At

Hey everyone! This blog is going to be spotlighting some of my personal favorite blogs, podcast, and websites that I find quite entertaining.

This is a fantastic website and podcast. This website keeps you up-to-date with all the newest animation news. The Animation Addicts Podcast talks about all the news of animation, have discussions about animation, and talks mainly about one particular animated movie. They are not only hilarious, but very informative and educational in the world of animation. If you are a fan of animation, there is no doubt you will adore this group of people.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 "What Do I Think?"

     So, Pixar has recently confirmed the arrival of two Pixar sequels, Incredibles 2 and Cars 3.
     Let's start with what I think about Cars 3. Well, I enjoyed the first Cars movie. It wasn't the best of Pixar, but it wasn't at all bad. Cars 2, on the other hand, was quite disappointing. It felt as if some other company had taken over and made this movie. On it's own (and made by another studio) it wouldn't have been as bad. But, it just didn't follow the story of it's previous film. Why is McQueen racing again? Why aren't all the characters involved with the story? Why is Mater the main character?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Top 10 Pixar Shorts personal favorite studio and thing to talk about. It's amazing the things Pixar has been doing the past 20 or so years. Making films that everyone, not just kids, can enjoy. Actually, I think I find more adults that love Pixar than children. Sure, we all love the Pixar movies, but I think all of us get that little tingling feeling on the back of our necks when we see the short film appear on the screen before the movie. Pixar is the best and most beloved short film makers in the business, and for good reason. We all remember these timeless classics, from Luxo Jr. to the La Luna. Today, it is my intent to tell you my top 10 favorite short films by Pixar. This was, truthfully, a very hard list to put together. I've grown up with these stories, and therefore gave grown closer to them through the years. I did have to make a decision though, whether to include the shorts created before Toy Story and the ones made by the animators and producers or not to. I've decided not to. This list would have to be a lot longer if I did. So, this list will only include the ones on the actual movies. Also, the pictures I include are my favorite moments in each short.

Free Birds Review

            When I first heard of  Free Birds (around February 2013) I was reasonably excited for it. I thought a movie about turkeys would be cool. But was it cool or was it a movie that should have stayed in 1621.
          Reggie (Owen Wilson) is a pretty smart turkey. He is the only one in his group of turkeys that know that the farmers are fattening them up for Thanksgiving. One day the President of the United States comes to Reggie's farm to pick a special turkey that will not be eaten. Reggie (of course) is the one picked and is taken to the white house. There he lives a comfortable life of eating pizza and watching soap operas. Suddenly another turkey named Jake (Woody Harrelson) takes Reggie away from his fuzzy bunny slippers and explains to him that "The Great Turkey" told him that he and Reggie were meant to go back in time and take turkeys off the menu, or in other words, go back in time and stop the first Thanksgiving from serving turkey. They take off in the time machine named Steve (George Takei) to the first Thanksgiving.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Frozen Review Part 3 "Conclusion"

So this is going to be the last part of my Frozen review. Hope you've all enjoyed!
First I'm going to start with characters. I'm not going to do all of them, just the ones I have specific comments on.

Can I start of by saying, WORST PARENTS EVER!! I mean, the only thing they do good in this film is die. Okay, that was harsh, but really? Your daughter has a power and she doesn't know how to control it. She one day accidentally hurts your normal daughter and you lock her up...forever? So first thing, why didn't they take Elsa to someone with these powers? I'm sure there is someone else with them. She was born with them. It's not like your poor and can't pay for someone to help her, you're the king and queen! Second, you just assumed that Elsa just randomly hurt Anna. You didn't ask her what happened, you just threw her in the brig. I've already talked about Anna being locked up forever. But, why did they lock Elsa up until she was at least 18 years old (I'm assuming, that's not a fact). If she was not gaining control of this power and was actually loosing control of it, why keep her locked up? Send her to someone with these powers! Maybe it's because they didn't want anyone to know about her powers, but why? They were ashamed of her, that's why! These are literally some of the dumbest parents in the world! Maybe if we had some time to know them they would be better, but not likely. They were just bad....
Anna is an amazing character, but is overshadowed by her sister. Why? I think Anna is an awesome character that deserves more popularity. She is was just as passionate and loving as Elsa, she climbed up a huge mountain for her and only left because she was forced by the snow monster. She is also one of the funnest characters Disney has ever made! She's hilarious! Anna, I think, is the most like us. She's clumsy and crazy. Loyal and trustworthy, but also sometimes makes bad decisions. She also has doubts. I believe she actually did think her sister was dangerous after she hurt her with her powers, but even then she was willing to give herself for her sister. And that is a really good character in my mind.
I really like Elsa. She a strong important character, she just wasn't in the movie enough. She was in the beginning and the end, but the middle mainly focused on Anna's adventure (which isn't a bad thing) but I just wish there would have been more of her. What I said about Anna is also true for Elsa (they are sisters). She has some of the coolest costumes in the movie and she really stands out as a character. I'm really not surprised she is the most known of the movie.
Kristoff, Kristoff, Kristoff....He's the last character I want to talk about, and I want to make sure you understand what I'm saying, so pay attention!
Kristoff serves not purpose of this movie..."WHAT!?!!"
Yes, he really doesn't. Does he save the girl? No. Is he funny? A little, but there wasn't a joke he made that made me flat out have a heart attack. Really, just what does he do? He mainly serves as a love interest, but not even that, for until the end of the movie, Hans is the love interest! Like I said he doesn't save anyone. The only thing I think that he does is take Anna to the trolls. I really think Anna could have made it up that hill without his help. And don't get me started again about him talking to himself through the "voice" of Sven! Okay, am I saying I hate Kristoff? No, not at all. I do like Kristoff, I just wish he had more of a role in this film. (And less being crazy!)

   What can I say, Disney has mastered the animation of CGI! I mean it, the animation is breathtaking, especially in theaters. The background will leave you looking up "Frozen Backgrounds" on the internet and setting them as your desktop background. The flow of everything is amazing! The only complaint I have is the characters look just about the same as in Tangled. Most other Disney movies have a very original look to them, different than any other movie. I can understand that they are trying to get used to it, so I can dismiss this.
I really like this movie. It's true, it's one of the best in recent years. But, it's definitely not the best Disney movie or the best animated feature of all time. It has it's problems, some people are able to over look them entirely and some see nothing but the problems. I'm in between. I see the problems, but I also see the AWESOMENESS that this movie has to offer. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must for animation fans and movie fans alike. Even if your not into animation, I'd say give it a go.   ★ ★ ★1/2 
Now, at the end of some choice movies I will display my opinion further by telling you my favorites..
Main Character- Anna, she just really made me laugh a lot and I liked her personality 
Side Character- Olaf, he was also very funny and..who doesn't like talking snowmen?
Song- Frozen Heart/ Love is an Open Door, I couldn't pick one. I love the message of Frozen Heart, but I also love the irony of Love is an Open Door (and it's got a catchy beat)
Scene- I love the whole scene of the song Let It Go. It has the best animation! (Also when Anna smashed Hans in the face)
Line- "I don't have a skull, or bones"-Olaf
Well that's it for me ya'll :D Please tell me what you'd like to see next. If you have any comments about anything I said, please go ahead and tell me anything you'd like. Please follow me if you'd like to. Bye-bye
                                                                                                                                 -The Filosopher

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Frozen Review Part 2 "My Opinion in Story"

Okay, where do I start? Let's start with the story...

But first, my last blog was all about the story. Many were wondering exactly why I was so lengthy in that post; so detailed. Well, for one, I wanted, like I said in the beginning, to refresh your memories if you have not seen it in a while. Another reason is because I'm going to address a lot of the little details in this blog. And lastly, I wanted to make it clear just how detailed this movie is, and I'll get to that later. 

Story- So lets began with, well...the beginning. You may have noticed I didn't talk about it in my last review, but most likely, none of you noticed. The "Frozen Heart" song is one of my favorites of this movie and here's why: It's the actual theme song! Many like to say that "Let it Go" is the BIG song of the movie, but Frozen's message is not really about embracing your true self, but about loving the others around you and putting them first. A frozen heart is someone that doesn't care for anyone but themselves. This entire story was about "thawing" the heart. Though it is clearly metaphorical, it's main message is that of the ending.
         Do you want to build a snowman? Literally one of the cutest songs on the planet; this song is actually one of the most thought provoking songs in the film. Let me explain. First off, you have this cute little girl singing about wanting her sister back after her parents locked her in her room (which I'll talk about more later). It then turns into a (maybe tween) girl wanting her sister back; equally as cute. Then, it goes from cute to very depressing. The parents leave to go on a trip (which is believed to be the wedding in the Tangled short?) and DIE! right in front of us! Is this a good thing? Yes! I have to say it was. Watching it for the first time in theaters, I had no idea the parents even die, and seeing that kinda put me off guard. But, is this not like real life? It's like walking through a lovely Spring meadow, watching the birds sing. Then, out of no where, a Hawk snatches up one of them. Yeah, mostly it's played for laughs at that point, but in Frozen, it's quite serious and it's meant to be. Happy to sad things happen all the time, and children's' movies never truly address it. This is something I very much admire about Frozen.
        I'd also like to address this: Why did they keep Anna locked up? It's not like she could tell anyone about Elsa. This would naturally have an affect on both of them, but more so of Anna. Anna has no idea why she can't go outside, Elsa at least knows that. We see exactly how excited Anna is to get out of the castle in the song "For the First Time in Forever." But, I think in reality (if I can even say that word) she would have been quite crazed and vulnerable . Imagine seeing different people, then those of the help, for the first forever.
        Love is an open door for these perfect strangers, Hans and Anna. Did you see what I just said "crazed and vulnerable." She decided to MARRY the first man she comes in contact with! And Elsa, says "No." I have a question, why is Elsa not crazed like Anna is? I believe it's because she is so driven by fear and anxiety that she cannot think about anything else. Otherwise, she would probably be like Anna and there would be a new king and prince in the castle. So, really, Elsa's fear can keep her in line. It can keep her from doing dumb things. But, as we see it this next scene, too much fear can be destructive.
       After Elsa runs off to the mountain and the world is freezing over, Anna basically gives the kingdom to Hans (which clearly a really dumb decision). We then meet Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.
 FUN FACT ALERT!! Haha, okay! So every once and awhile I will do one of these fun facts in a review.
Did you know....The writer of the original story, The Snow Queen,(which was what Frozen was loosely based on) was Hans Christian Anderson. Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven were all named after him. If you say it really fast, you can hear it.
       Anyway, let's talk about the thing about Kristoff and Sven. I don't get. I know it's meant to be funny, but it really isn't, just awkward. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Kristoff talks to his reindeer, Sven, but not the way you talk to your dog or cat, he actually speaks for him. Yes, I know Kristoff has pretty much grown up with Sven and are really close pals, but that today would be considered...ummm...what's the word for it? CRAZY! He is crazy! And I'll talk more about Kristoff when I talk individually about the characters. 
        "Let it GO, let it go! That's all we ever hear anymore!" Let me be honest here, I really like the song, I do! But, it is not as good as everyone is making it out to be. I'd love to believe it was because of the wonderful performance by Idina Menzel or the wonderful animation that is in this scene, but I don't believe so. I think it's because everyone else likes it the most. Okay, that may not make sense at first but hear me out. Why is it that most people like things? Because they are popular. This song was made out to be the best through advertising and therefore everyone thinks it's the best. Elsa was made out to be the best character, so everyone thinks she is the best character EVER! It's all about the advertising...I'll let you absorb that...
        So, of the most loved characters of this film. And for good reason! He's funny, he's nice, he's simple, and.....FUN FACT ALERT!!! Did you know...The guy that played Olaf (Josh Gad) was said to have improvise a lot of his lines to make the producers laugh!
         Okay, well back to Olaf. I was actually afraid of him being annoying, but actually he was rather the opposite. I think the movie would have lost something if he hadn't been in the picture. I also found his little side joke about not knowing that snow melts in the summer very humorous and the song, "In Summer," only adds to the picture. And this also goes for Sven. He may have a crazy owner, but he himself is a very enjoyable character to say the least.
            Now, I'd talk about the trolls. I didn't see the point. They were not funny and they were not important to the plot. "But the head troll saved Anna!" you may be saying. Yes, he did. The main guy, not all of them. I wish it would have just been him and maybe a small gentle family to help with Kristoff's image. Or maybe some other creature. It's just, we did not know why they were magical, why they act the way they do, why they want to get Kristoff married so fast, we don't know anything about them other than they are magical rock trolls!
            Then we come back to Hans and find how he was the bad guys. Some people saw this coming, but I didn't. I was actually hoping that Hans and Anna would be the couple and Kristoff...I don't know what to do with Kristoff. But the way it turned out did surprise me; it was a good twist ending.
             Then we have the climax of the film. Anna turned to ice, Elsa crying over her frozen body, Kristoff just arriving, and Hans on the floor (cause he's a wimp). Then all is saved when Anna saved herself? No, that's actually what they were saying. Anna, giving herself for her sister saved herself. My take on it however was that, yes, Anna saved Elsa, but Elsa found how exactly how much she loved her sister. In turn, melting Anna. The message they were portraying, is however, very selfish. Expecting something in return for something good you did is not something that needs to be taught.
              It ends with a HAPPILY EVER AFTER.....fin

              So that's it for my opinion in story. I'll post my last part of the Frozen review about the Characters and animation later.