Monday, November 16, 2015

Pan Review

Along with Goosebumps, I saw Pan. I've been super excited for this film since I saw the first trailer. I'm a huge fan of the Peter Pan story, and love basically anything to do with it. And even though this isn't a direct adaption(more like Hook) I was still anxious to see it. So, did this movie make me want to join Peter in the sky, or did turn me into a stinky old pirate?

The story is about Peter (obviously) but instead of it starting in Neverland, this time he is in an orphanage. He has lost his parents, but still hopes that his mother will come back someday. One night, a group of weird clown pirates take a bunch of the boys from the orphanage including Peter. In a flying pirate ship they travel on take them to Neverland where a pirate named Black Beard is in charge. All the boys he has taken now work in a mining query digging up Fairy dust. Peter is accused of stealing and he is throne "overboard". He doesn't fall to his death, but instead begins to fly. This of course baffles everyone. Peter meets a man named James Hook who wants to help Peter escape. They do. Peter somehow believes that his mother is on this island and wants to look for her. They search at the Indian village to find out more about Peter and his parents.

Pan was....a little disappointing. It had plenty of opportunity to be a great prequel to a timeless story, but somehow messed it up along the way. It wasn't a terrible movie, and I could see myself watching it again someday, but it definitely could have improved a great deal. For the most part, the effects and setting were very good. The overall atmosphere felt adventurous like a Peter Pan movie should. But the biggest mistake was the writing. It didn't flow well from scene to scene and felt kinda disjointed. And the was the worst. Very cheesy, a lot of it made no sense, and most of it was what I like to call "trailer talk." Trailer talk is when a character says something inspirational or adventurous just to be put in the trailer to sound cool. It worked well for the trailer, but not good at all for the film itself. It's funny, cause the acting wasn't bad. The casting for each character was actually quite fitting. Like Hugh Jackman as Black Beard was a bit hammy and loud like a good villain should be, and Levi Miller did a good, dare I say, great job of being Peter. He acted a very interesting role of Peter's origins. Overall, I guess you could put this into a guilty pleasures list. If you're a fan of Peter Pan, you may like this movie. But if not, or if you're interested, just rent it when it comes to Redbox.

Story- 4/10

Frankly, the story is all over the place, and rarely makes any sense.

Main Characters- 6/10

The acting was good of most of the main characters, but their overall writing and dialogue needed a lot of work.

Side Characters- 5/10

Some of them were kind of interesting, but most were just dull.

Villain- 7/10 

Hugh Jackman did a pretty good job.

Effects/Animation- 7/10

While it was almost all CG, I thought it looked okay.

Songs/Score- 6/10

The score was very good, with some really adventurous melodies. But something I didn't mention was that, for some odd reason, they had a couple of songs in here. And by songs, I mean pop songs from the 80's. Yeah, the pirates sang pop songs in a strange piratity way. Not at all sure what that was...

Entertainment Factor- 8/10

I was entertain for the most part. I was someones taken back with the terrible dialogue though.

Total Score-  62%

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