Monday, March 14, 2016

"Zootopia" Review

Disney is THE  leading source of family entertainment today. Not only do they own Pixar, but also Marvel, ABC, and Star Wars. But the films they make that I always look forward to are the animated ones, and the first of the two they have lined up for this year is Zootopia. I was surprised to see that not a lot of people were talking about this before it's release and that they were more excited for Moana coming out in November. As for me, I was very excited when I saw the first stills and trailers. Does Zootopia meet my expectations? Or should I have just waited for Moana?

In a Planet of the Apes type future, animals walk, talk, have jobs, and act basically like humans. One such animal, a bunny, named Judy Hopps dreams of becoming the first ever rabbit police officer. She achieves that dream only to be let down and sent to work as a meter maid instead. But when she has the chance to prove herself by working on a missing otter case, she calls on con-fox Nick Wilde to help.

This movie has done incredibly well in the theaters this past week, and is gaining popular fast. Its opening weekend grossed 75 million dollars, and has so far grossed over 142 million dollars. It also currently has 99% on Rotten Tomatoes which is a feat to achieve for the best of  movies. There is a reason for the hype. For one, the animation is some of the best I have ever seen...ever! The backgrounds are amazing, the characters design is great, the texturing (especially of things like hair) was unbelievable, and the atmosphere makes for such an inviting world. Also, the characters are extremely likable and real to life.

The story is very unique especially for an animated "for kids" film. I'll get into the overall message later, but the story is a bit different than you might expect. Basically, it's a detective story. It integrates humor in as well, but it's got much more of a serious tone. This is mainly due to the message: prejudice. Not prejudice against any one in particular, but more like treating people with disrespect because of your expectations of them. For example, even though she went through the same training as the other students and was top of her academies class, Judy is not taken seriously because she is a small bunny and they don't think she can take the work. There is a great issue in the world today with lack of respect for others, and it's great to see a movie share the idea of treating others fairly and respectably.

To be completely honest, there isn't much I can say is wrong with this film. It's pretty much near perfect. I could nitpick about a couple of things, but it wouldn't amount to much in the end. If you haven't seen Zootopia yet, DO. It's a movie both kids and adults will love.

Story- 10/10

The story was very unique especially for a Disney movie. It's also told very fluently with great timing.

Main Characters- 10/10

Judy and Nick are both memorable and likable characters that entertain every moment.

Side Characters- 9/10

All of them were great, but I wish some would have been explored a bit more.

Villain- 9/10

Like a lot of the current Disney movies, Zootopia has a surprise villain. I'll just say, I don't think you'll be disappointed by who it is.

Effects/Animation- 10/10

AMAZING! Some of the best of all time.

Songs/Score- 9/10

The score was done by Michael Giacchino so how could it not be amazing. Also the song by Shakira wasn't too bad either.

Entertainment Factor- 10/10

I was thoroughly entertained the entire time. The mystery kept me guessing, and the humor kept me laughing. 

Total Score-  96%

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