Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Frozen Review Part 1 "The Story"

     Warning!!! This review contains spoilers! Don't read unless you've seen the movie!!!
This is mainly to refresh your memory, the next part will be my thoughts on it.
     Before I start this review, I want to make something clear. When I watch a movie for the first time I am totally sucked into it. There could be a tornado going through the building and I wouldn't notice. So, it's safe to say I don't look at details as much as I would watching it the second time unless I'm actually looking for them (as I did when watching God's Not Dead) That being said, the first time I watched Frozen I was not actively pursuing the details in the film. But this time I was...
    Many months ago a movie named Frozen came out in theaters. Just recently Frozen came out on DVD and Blu-ray. My sister bought it and it arrived a few days ago. My family and I watched it; my siblings and I the second time and my parents the first time.
The story goes like this: Anna (Kristen Bell) and Elsa (Idina Menzel) are royal sisters. Elsa, the older, was born with magnificent powers. She has the ability to shoot snow and ice crystals out of her hands. Anna, the younger, is just as normal as you and me. While still very young, Elsa accidentally shoots a bit of snow into Anna's head. Their parents (the king and queen) take Anna to the rock troll people. They easily fix Anna, but tells them that if she were to ever be struck in the heart it could cost her her live. The head troll takes all the memory of Elsa's powers and replaces them with different (but the same) memories. The troll tells Elsa if she does not learn to control her powers, it could end in the most horrible of circumstances. They return home and Elsa is secluded in her bedroom away from her family. We learn from the humorous yet very sad song "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" that they grow up totally apart. When they are all grown up, they're parents perish in a shipwreck, leaving Elsa to take the throne. Elsa's powers have been strengthening, and she is loosing more and more control of them. Then coronation day comes and it is time for Elsa to take the throne as Queen Elsa of Arendale. This is the first time Anna has been out of the castle sense that faithful day (that she doesn't remember) and she is so excited she sings a song; "For the First Time In Forever." Unlike Anna, Elsa is not as enthused, she is worried about loosing control and hurting someone. They get through the coronation, no problem. BUT THEN!! Prince Hans (Santino Fontana), a gentlemen to say the least, has an eye for our Anna and professes his love to her through the lovely ballad "Love is an Open Door." They want to get married. So, they go to Elsa for their blessing. Elsa (who has more sense than just about anyone in these pictures) says she cannot marry someone they just met that day. Anna and Elsa have a fight, and Elsa accidentally shows her powers. The Duke of Weasletown "That's Weselton!" Sorry, "Weselton" is very scared and is ready to kill Elsa. She runs out of the castles toward a really tall mountain. While she does this she freezes everything in site, turning Arendale into a snow kingdom! Anna goes after her and leaves Hans to defend Arendale and keep Duke of Crazytown under way. While on her journey, Anna finds a young man name Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), an iceman, and persuades him to take her up the mountain. But not before he sings "Reindeer's are Better Than People" (he has this thing about talking to his reindeer in his own voice) *shrugs shoulders* So Kristoff, Anna, and lovable reindeer Sven run off into the woods to find long lost sister. Meanwhile, Elsa is singing "Let it Go," a strong song about not being afraid of who you really are. On the way they find a cute little snowman that Elsa made named Olaf (Josh Gad). He sings about wanting it to be in summer in the song "In Summer." They soon find Elsa, but is quickly shut down and she again strikes her sister on accident, but this time in the heart. Kristoff takes her to the rock trolls. They get the wrong idea and think they should get married and sing the song "Fixer Upper." Anna collapses and the head guy...or...troll..tells her that she will freeze solid if not by a act of true love. They take her back to Hans. Kristoff leaves, knowing he loves her, but leaves her there because she wants to be with Hans. We then find out that Hans was...THE BAD GUY!! He tricked Anna just so he could take the throne! He leaves her there to die, but with the help of Olaf, they make their way out. Before this Elsa was captured by Prince Hans and has now escaped so that she can't make anymore damage. She makes a blizzard come and Anna, Elsa, and Hans are out on the Frozen ice. Kristoff is coming on the back of Sven trying to save Anna. Hans tries to kill Elsa but Anna goes in front of her right at the moment she turns to ice. Anna is frozen, Elsa is crying, Hans is on the floor (cause he's a wimp), Kristoff has just arrived and is sad, Olaf is crying. EVERYTHING IS DOOMED!! But wait...something is happening to Anna...can it be!??! Yes! She turns back to herself! The act of Anna giving her life for her sister's was enough to make her human again. Elsa realizes that love thaws the heart. She turns everything back the way it was and everyone lives happy ever after! Anna punches Hans in the face and is sent to time in the big house. THE END...
The next part will be up in just a little while so hang on!
                                                                                                                          -The Filosopher

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