Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update 1#

      Sorry for the long delay everyone. Between Easter, school, and everyday live, I haven't found the time to write a review. Thankfully, my life has become a little less hectic and I am able to begin doing reviews again!
      So, I've been thinking about some new ideas for a different type of review. One I came up with was New Vs. Old. In these reviews, I'll be taking an older version and a newer version of the same movie and comparing them; exposing the good and bad of them. Then, of course, have my final verdict of which one I like best.
      Also, I will be starting a project--Project Dreamworks.
Project Dreamworks
     In Project Dreamworks, I will be reviewing all of the Dreamworks films and end it with a review of The Art of Dreamworks Animation book.
     Please, comment below and tell me if you like these ideas. Also, suggestion to me any other ideas that you think I might like.
                                                                                                                             - The Filosopher

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