Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Goosebumps Review

First of all, just look at how awesome that poster is. Just look at it!!

I've been a huge fan of the Goosebumps franchise for quite some time. Though I was a bit late to the party, I still began reading with the first book "Welcome to Dead House." And of course, I also grew up watching the TV series. When I heard that there would be a movie come out, I was beyond excited. So did it meet my expectations, or should I just have kept on reading?

The story surrounds a teenager named Zach. He and his mom move to Madison, Delaware where his mom has a job as a vice principle. Zach soon meets the next door neighbor, a girl named Hannah, but she is shushed away by her father in the shadows. Zach begins to think something is wrong with Hannah's father, and when he hears screaming, he calls the cops. His attempt fails, so he makes a fake phone call to Hannah's dad, gets him away from the house, and sneaks in with a kid from school named Champ. While there, they finds out that Hannah was never in any trouble, but in the process unlocks a Goosebumps book on a shelf and unleashes a terrible monster. One thing leads to another and they have a lot of monsters and ghouls on their hands. They must capture the monsters and save the town from the furry and slimy claws of the creatures whom R.L. Stine created.

This film is just great. It has an interesting story, likable characters, amazing effects, and great acting. And most importantly, it's fun. Cool movies like this are why I like movies in the first place. Jack Black plays R.L.Stine and does an awesome job. You really would not think he would fit the role, but he does very well. I think the only things I would complain about would be that, because I'm such a big fan of Goosebumps, I was looking for monsters from the books that may not have been there. I say "may not have" because I watched this at a drive in. It was a bit dark and I couldn't get the full effect of the backgrounds. And also, I think a bit of the romantic elements were a bit forced, but it didn't bother me all that much.

Other than that this is a great movie for the whole family to enjoy. If you grew up with Goosebumps, you will for sure love this; it takes you down Memory Lane. Or should I say...Shocker Street?

Story- 9/10
The story is told straight and to the point. And, of course, it's so fun.

Main Characters- 9/10

All very likable and interesting in the way that you want to see more of them.

Side Characters- 8/10

They are were very likable as well, especially the aunt. She was hilarious!

Villain- 9/10 

Slappy and the rest of the monsters were super cool and frightening at the same time.

Effects/Animation- 10/10

The quality was really amazing! Though most of the monsters were CGI, they felt real and looked amazing.

Songs/Score- 8/10

Score was very well done and had a spooky vibe that I really liked.

Entertainment Factor- 10/10

I was drawn into the movie the whole time. I couldn't take my eyes off of it! 

Total Score-  90%

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